ACTION Support Centre Visit to Orange Farm

On the 23/04/2014 ACTION Support Centre visited Orange Farm Local Peace Committee (LPC). Thirteen executive members of Orange Farm LPC welcomed ACTION Support Centre. The aim of the visit was to strengthen the relationship between the ACTION and Orange Farm LPC, and to follow up and assist Orange Farm LPC’s activities. Part of this includes connecting LPCs to local government officials and stakeholders, and other policy makers with regards to their programmes and challenges.

The Chairperson of Orange Farm LPC, informed ACTION that they appreciated a local business community’s offer to provide bakery skills training to the women of to his community. This opportunity will in turn help the women of Orange Farm Community to start a bakery business, which will be a source of income, as well as will contributing to financing other activities.

As many projects were launched in the community, it was highlighted that the youth remains a strategic and instrumental pillar for not only the community, but also the country at large. Orange Farm LPC is busy trying to find scholarship to help further the studies of some young matriculates, as they believe that education is an important tool to fight poverty, unemployment and crime, as well as a key instrument for social transformation.

The committee also raised concerns about the water crisis, as they were afraid that it might cause conflict between Orange Farm residents and the municipality. The Orange Farm LPC was working on a strategy to prevent the situation from getting out of hand.

Another issue was raised regarding an incident between a foreign shop owner and a South African. It was reported the foreign shop owner did not give the South African correct change. This issue was brought to the attention of the Orange Farm LPC, and they have promised to update us on the matter, to avoid any escalation.

ACTION Support Centre reaffirmed its commitment to assist the Orange Farm LPC’s activities and Programmes, and has commended Orange Farm LPC for its efforts and leadership role in preserving peace and cohesion between its community members.