Mobaderoon Visit: Delegation of Mobaderoon Peace Activists from Syria visit ACTION

As part of its mission of building a culture of people to people solidarity and a global network of individuals, as well as the commitment to positive action to transform conflict, ACTION hosted delegates of the Mobaderoon Network in South Africa for a series of meetings.

Mobaderoon is a Syrian based network of activists working in organizations and associations (Civil society, Private and public sector) contributing to building local social initiatives connected on a national level, sharing their resources and experiences on an interactive platform.

Mobaderoon met the Institute for the Healing of Memories in Cape Town, where they shared experiences and discussed possible co-operation between them on how to support the healing journeys of Syrians affected directly and indirectly by the violence. While in Cape Town, the Mobaderoon Delegation visited the Delft community on the Cape Flats and spent time with at the home of Sakhe Siswe and District Six Museum. They also had a brief conversation with Dr. Imam Rashied Omar who is also the present Chairperson of the Western Cape Religious Forum.

As part of their caravan visit, the Mobaderoon delegation met the ACTION Support Centre team in Johannesburg, where they shared their activities and had the opportunities to get a sense of ACTION’s work. They met with Afro-Middle East Centre, and Ahmed Kathrada Foundation, as well as members of the Concerned Africans Group, and an official of DIRCO. It is important to highlight that these meetings were fruitful and inspiring for the Mobaderoon work in Syria. They also visited the Apartheid Museum and Constitution Hill Visit.

ACTION supports Mobaderoon’s work and their engagement in peacebuilding and national cohesion initiatives, and has confidence that their work will be constructive in transforming the Syrian conflict.