SASOWNET : New Horizons

On the 14th of June ACTION held a meeting with the South African Somali Women’s Network (SASOWNET). The meeting took place in a restaurant in Mayfair, and was attended by 9 women, including both new and old SASOWNET members. 

The meeting was primarily convened to introduce Fatima Hassan as the new coordinator of SASOWNET in Gauteng. The opportunity was also used to discuss SASOWNET plans and future strategies. The group agreed to strengthen their membership and group cohesion within Johannesburg. In addition, the members agreed on the need to galvanise the support of the youth as part of strengthening the network.  

Furthermore, the women agreed to stay a little longer to form a discussion group as part of a research project that was being conducted by Anisa Omar, a student from the University of Edinburgh, who was interning with ACTION at the time. The research project will also help to inform the future work of ACTION with SASOWNET.