The ACTION Support Team Celebrates Heritage Day 

The ACTION Support Team held a workshop the 27th September 2014 at Stay City, Berea in Johannesburg, under the theme, “Reflecting and Embracing our Heritage”. The workshop was an opportunity to reflect on Heritage Day, as it was noted that while Heritage commonly refers to cultural identity and diversity, it also signifies the political and social history of South Africa.

The group shared their views on the meaning of Heritage; agreement emerged that while culture, languages and values differ from each other, all are equals. It was raised that often there are perceptions and misperceptions which impact on other cultures and lead to conflicts. There was a shared common ground that that we should embrace our heritage, and respect our diversity.

The ACTION Support Team then visited the Apartheid Museum, where there were mixed feelings, as the tour guide explained what happened during Apartheid, and the process and sacrifices it took to gain democracy and civil liberties. The Apartheid Museum was an occasion to connect to the political and social history of South Africa.

Moreover, the tour guide reminded the group that it is through determination and resilience that freedom was achieved. The ACTION Support Team believed that though freedom was achieved at a heavy cost, twenty years down the line, social welfare remains a serious challenge in the country. 

On a particular note, the Support Team visit to the Museum invited them to reflect and celebrate Heritage Day. They sincerely acknowledge that they owe their liberation to the departed and living heroes of the struggle, and as they aspire for a better South Africa, it is a collective responsibility.

The workshop was dynamic, enthusiastic, and participative and rich in learning. The ACTION Support Team thanks its member for attending this workshop and invites others to join The ACTION Support Team.

 Please contact Ulrich Bouelangoye, 011 482 7442/2453