The ASC Proudly Host the AIMP Meeting

African Insider Mediators Platform-AIMP, Meeting

The ACTION Support Centre in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme, Regional Service Centre for Africa, will host the fourth continental level Members Consultation Meeting of the African Insiders Mediators Platform (AIMP). This year the theme of the meeting is Consultation for the African Insider Mediators Platform: Best Practice Consolidation and Validation of the Mapping of Infrastructures for Peace, which will take place from October 21st – 22nd in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The African Insider Mediators Platform (AIMP) recognises the importance of involving mediators with inside, context specific knowledge and a strong relationship with conflicting parties in mediation processing. Apart from moving the mediation process in the positive direction, insider mediators play a strategic role in providing continuity between short-term peacemaking responses to periods of crisis and long-term peacebuilding processes. 

This meeting will welcome over thirty African Insider Mediators from different parts of Africa who will assist in identifying capacity gaps that can be addressed by the AIMP as well as examples of good practice, in preparation for a research process that will seek to identify and showcase examples of effective insider mediation.

This means that insider mediators contribute tremendously towards long-term social transformation and address conflict that emerges during periods of transition and in countries that have been affected by violence.

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