SALO Organised Closed Meeting on Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe flag

The ASC participated in this frank and open discussion on the current state of affairs in Zimbabwe that also explored the role of civil society actors in contributing positively to the future of the country and the SADC region.

Alongside key members of the diplomatic community engaged on Zimbabwe, as well as academics, government and ANC representatives the ASC was able to feed in some of our thinking and perspectives drawing on our regional solidarity programme and the work of the Zimbabwe Solidarity Forum.

While much of the discussion focused on the implications of internal political dynamics in Zimbabwe for all stakeholders, concerns were also raised about the declining state of affairs in communities across the country. Delegates were clear that until Zimbabwean civil society is able to assert a progressive proactive long term political and developmental agenda it is unlikely that these stakeholders will be able to have much influence on the current trajectory of the country.

Excellent contextual analysis from key thinkers on Zimbabwe provided a useful set of insights into the opportunities and challenges facing the country. These insights will feed into and inform the ongoing programme of the ASC in relation to Zimbabwe, as well as out efforts to contribute to a regional culture of solidarity.

Photo by Harvey Barrison on Flickr CC BY-SA 2.0