Palestine, prayer and a pledge for solidarity

In honour of Human Rights Day, members from the ASC took part in various activities, which included a prayer day and a Palestinian week programme.

The prayer day centered on anti-xenophobia and also addressed issues of gender based violence, human trafficking, substance abuse, human rights, crime, HIV/Aids issues, social cohesion, integration and tolerance.

The City of Johannesburg led the Palestine Solidarity week programme, in which the discussions centered on the problems that Palestinians were facing and various suggestions on how South Africa could help them come out of these problems.

On Human Rights day a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the city of Johannesburg and the city of Ramallah, pledging support for the Palestinian peoples. Solidarity messages were highlighted throughout the day, as discussions revealed serious gaps and violations of human rights that the Palestinians have suffered, and the progress which has been unacceptably slow, particularly for the most marginalized groups.