The tragedy of the Kenyan Student Massacre: The ASC declares our solidarity and calls for inclusive, transformative dialogue

KenyamassacreThe ACTION Support Centre joins the world in strongly condemning the unprecedented and horrifying terror attack that occurred at Garissa University College, resulting in 148 fatalities and more than 79 people wounded.

We extend our deepest condolences and heartfelt solidarity and support to the families of all of the victims and to all of those affected by the violence. Once again we call for calm, patience and reflection on all sides. As the governments of Kenya and Somalia, the Africa Union and the international community seek effective ways of ensuring that justice is seen to be done and in addressing the root elements of these attacks we remind leaders that dialogue and long term transformation is an essential aspect of preventing such attacks from re-occurring in the future.

The ASC views the use of terror, cruelty and violence to advance any cause as intolerable. The attacks in Kenya are a reminder that violence serves only to perpetuate violence. Military efforts to defeat al-Shabaab in Somalia will not succeed in making life safer for those affected by terror, just as terrorist attacks will not succeed in destroying the structural and systemic violence affecting those who feel discriminated against, marginalised or excluded.

The ASC firmly believes that the only way forward is an inclusive transformative dialogue. As much as we need to defend freedoms of expression, association and tolerance and stand against forces that seek to divide and instill fear in us, we need also to find a path forward that builds respect and understanding. We need to spend more time finding out why people feel the way they do, what people are thinking and what, other than violence, might be ways to get us to hear each other.

African unity and solidarity is essential for the long-term transformation of our continent. Efforts to divide us on grounds of religion and ethnicity cannot be allowed to triumph. Along with our members in Kenya, in Somalia, across the Horn of Africa and around the world we will be working to find opportunities to heal divisions, to build unity and to drive a deeper more transformative dialogue.

The ASC extends its deepest condolences and heartfelt solidarity and support to the families of the victims, the Kenyan government and the people of Kenya. We support all actions that seek to bring the perpetrators to justice quickly.

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Philani Ndebele, Campaign Manager, ACTION Support Centre, +27 76 942 3565,

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