How to preserve peace in the new agenda: responses to the Post-2015 zero draft


In September this year at the UN General Assembly world leaders will attempt to agree on a new set of Sustainable Development Goals. The ACTION Support Centre has been hosting a series of community consultations around the SDG’s, focused on how to ensure aspects of a deep and positive peace are included in the new development agenda.

 This effort dates back to one of the first initiatives undertaken by the ASC when it was instrumental in establishing a peace caucus of over 80 organisations at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in 2002. Conflict transformation approaches to peacebuilding recognise the inextricable interconnections between peace and a transformative development agenda. Rights based approaches to development, that see socio-economic and human and people’s rights as key elements that give meaning to development that focuses on economic growth, employment and infrastructure are essentially part of a longer term effort to build a people’s culture of peace.

 The ASC was invited to present on the panel at the SALO dialogue. The input focused on Prospects for Peace and Human Security in the Post 2015 Development Agenda. The input included an outline of what is in the Zero Draft of the document that will come up for adoption in September as well as an analysis of the extent to which the SDG’s address issues of Human Security and Durable Peace.

 For more information on the event or on the ASC position on the SDGs please look out for the presentation made on our website or contact