African Solidarity Caravan Update

To celebrate Africa Month, Africa Day and deepen a culture of Pan-African people-to-people solidarity, the ASC partnered with many organisations and movements in South Africa and across the continent and organised a series of interconnected events.

The events schedule was as following:

Kenya, Coalition for Peace in Africa, A soccer match involving various African nationals in Kibera, Kenya.

Burundi, Coalition for Peace in Africa, A multicultural peace dialogue, involving key stakeholders affected by recent conflict in Burundi

Zambia, a cultural festival involving diverse organisations and movements at grassroots level

Rwanda, a human security and peace festival, in remembrance of those lost in the genocide and assessing the healing process

South Africa, led by the ASC, Public Dialogue in Alexandra, Youth Dialogue on Xenophobia in Vaal, Solidarity Walk and Cultural festival in Alexandra

All these events also sought to mobilise signatures on the three key petitions; free movement of African people, release of Swazi political prisoners, and release of Itai Dzamara.

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