Condolences on the passing of Georgina Rangel

The ASC has received the following news on the passing of Georgina Rangel:

Dear friends from Action, with deep sadness I have to inform you that today (October 26th 2015) Georgina Rangel, a powerful peacebuilder from Mexico has left this physical world and now she’s resting in peace. She was struggling a long cancer disease.  

Her influence in Mexico, Guatemala and the Americas is deep, she worked long time in Chiapas during the time of the Guatemalan conflict, always offering comfort and love to the refugees. She was a pillar of the time of the Zapatistas in the same region. She worked for women’s, for girls education, for equality, for justice and peace. 

We offer our sincerest condolences to her family, those who knew her and all who were influenced by her. May her legacy live on.