September Highlights

Welcome to the new edition of the ACTION Support Centre 2016 newsletter. The ACTION Support Centre (ASC) is the Africa regional hub of a global network committed to positive action to transform conflict. The ASC aims to deepen a culture of people-to-people solidarity, strengthen the capacity of individuals and organizations to analyse and understand the changing nature of conflict, and be a support resource that enables local communities and national civil society organisations to respond effectively to the deep-rooted social conflicts across the continent and to contribute effectively towards Africa’s renewal.

Established in 2002 as a communication hub for the network members of ACTION global, the ASC has since evolved into a strong network movement of regional and continental organisations working in the fields of conflict and development. In 2015 following a number of changes in the ASC Governance Structure, and in response to shifts in donor funding patterns and in the external context in which the ASC is active, a Strategic Review and Planning process was undertaken.

Whilst, the realization of a conflict free society may take long and sometimes be a challenging journey ACTION Support Centre is working to turn the vision into a reality, and like all good endeavors we believe that the end result will more than justify the effort as we value listening to community voices.  ASC is dedicated to the promotion of better community relations between the communities in South Africa, and the recognition of cultural diversity to help reduce violent conflict and support those worst affected hence this Newsletter will delve into the projects that the organization is undertaking such as the Combating Drivers of Xenophobia.

In its quest to effectively deepen a culture of Pan-African people-to-people solidarity in the region; and building capacity in the region to transform conflict and respond collectively to the crisis in Zimbabwe, thus there is a section in this newsletter that is highlighting the outcomes of the Zimbabwe Solidarity Summit.

Having established local peace committees in various local township communities in Johannesburg and Durban in previous projects the peace builders continue to play a key role in conflict transformation and peace building, especially at community level using traditional advocacy, mediation, negotiation, agreement, consensus building, awareness creation, community level capability building and empowerment.

The ASC is delighted to announce that Mrs. Musa Koopedi is the New Director of ASC, and Ms. Charity Mungweme is the new Programs Coordinator of the organization.  The organisation has also brought on board Mrs. Tebezlo Lizzy Nkabinde as the new Finance Manager. It is ASC’s pleasure to acquire motivated and professional individuals like these three, so we are proud to have you with us. We hope you will find work here rewarding and challenging.


In the spirit of staff development, ASC would like to welcome back one of its Interns, Ms. Esteri Magaisa who had a 6 month stint at the Institute of Conflict Research, in Belfast in the United Kingdom as a Commonwealth research fellow. ASC works to ensure that everyone has access to opportunities and experiences that inform their perspectives and expand their horizons. We hope to learn from the experience she gained especially in strategically developing programs, and implementation, facilitating exchange of knowledge and, supporting trainings and multi- stakeholder engagement.

The ACTION Support Centre also hosts international students for work based placements. In line with this, the ASC would like to welcome Marie Reiter who was in the 2014 Applied Conflict Transformation Course that is convened by ASC. She is at the University of Copenhagen as a student of Rhetoric, as well as a facilitator in Conflict Resolution at the Danish Centre for Youth Conflict Resolution. Marie is joining ASC for 4 months and she is especially interested in the work ACTION is doing in the communities around combatting xenophobia. She has also found ASC’s work on regional solidarity interesting and a great learning opportunity.