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Madame Bongi Ngema Zuma will open the ACTION Support Centre event on conflict transformation approaches to building peace and eradicating violence

The ACTION Support Centre (ASC) will hold an event, the Conflict Transformation Encounter, on Saturday 18th of October at the Bosco Centre in Walkerville. Join us for a fascinating day of real-life experience sharing from over 18 African countries and a series of healing events.

The event will consist of workshops and presentations exploring the conflict transformation approach to peacebuilding, and it’s relevance to global peace and security issues. Delegates and speakers from over 18 countries are expected to attend, presenting examples of how conflict transformation makes sense across multiple contexts. Local Peace Committee members from Alexandra, Orange Farm and Soweto as well as members of the South African Somali Women’s Network will also attend.

The event will start with a formal opening at 9:00am, featuring Madam Bongi Ngema Zuma as a guest speaker. Workshops will be held following the opening, and will run throughout the day. Speakers from Somalia, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa and Zambia will discuss how the conflict transformation approach has been used to build peace in their own contexts. There will also be a focus on the post-2015 development agenda, to contribute to global discussions that are underway on the follow up to the UN Millennium Development Goals.

In the afternoon between 2:00pm and 5:30pm the workshops will be supplemented with healing themed activities such as dance therapy, massage and a drumming circle. According to event organiser Charity Mungweme “The Encounter will be a chance to give back to those who invest their time and energy in peacebuilding, a chance to revitalise ourselves and each other”. 

The event culminates in a celebration of African Culture. Mouth-watering dishes from across the continent will be accompanied by performances from highly acclaimed Common Factor, the Blue Boy Pantsula troupe and the bluesy Congolese rhythms of Les Fantastique!

ASC Campaigns Manager Philani Ndebele explains “conflict transformation is an approach that sees conflict as a challenge and an opportunity, rather than an obstacle”. “Working effectively to end wars and violence requires work in all spheres, at all levels and with all stakeholders”. According to Ms Mungweme, ”The Conflict Transformation Encounter is part of an on-going contribution of the ACTION Support Centre to a long term process of changing relationships, behaviours, attitudes and structures, and to building a new and better world.”

The ACTION Support Centre is the Africa regional hub of a global network of organisations and individuals committed to transforming conflict, ACTION for Conflict Transformation (ACTION).  The ASC was established in 2002 on the basis of a mandate to set up a communications hub for the network members of ACTION Global. It has since transformed itself into a regional and continental base for organisations working in the fields of conflict and development.

 For more information, contact:

 Charity Mungweme (charity@asc.org.za)

Jennifer Pillinger-Melnick (Jennifer@asc.org.za)

+27 (0) 11 482 2453

+27 (0) 11 482 7442

Statement of the Fifth Action Asia Peacebuilders’ Forum 2014


Statement of the Fifth Action Asia Peacebuilders’ Forum 2014

Nurturing Peacebuilders towards Peaceful and Resilient Communities

4 October, 2014, Yangon, Myanmar

We, 65 peacebuilders from nineteen countries across Asia and beyond, gathered in Yangon, Myanmar, from 1st to 4th October 2014 for the fifth Action Asia Peacebuilders' Forum, and jointly discussed a wide range of issues currently facing in Asia with the theme “Nurturing Peacebuilders towards peaceful and resilient communities,” declare our firm collective commitment: “We refuse to be victims. We choose to be resources for peace.” 

As we reflect on and study the ongoing and emerging conflicts within and between territories, we RECOGNISE the urgent need to reach out to the unreachable in our journey towards inclusive peace.  

We JOIN the peoples of Myanmar as they journey through a transition where it is vital that peace, security and development encompass a just and equitable relationship between the various ethnic groups and faith communities of the country. We CALL for strengthening diverse national and local voices in the decision making processes of the current negotiation towards a genuinely people-centered peace process.

We ACKNOWLEDGE the challenge to be INNOVATIVE in our approaches in dealing with the emerging challenges of modern technologies, liberal market systems, disaster and climate change, strong identities based on several aspects, majority and minority relationships, especially in complex political transitions.

We URGE and CALL on nations and stakeholders to commit to address problems through dialogue and non-violent means. We ENCOURAGE civil societies to be nurturing accompaniers towards peaceful and resilient communities and relentlessly work towards sustainable peace in their own context and across contextual boundaries.

We COMMIT ourselves as peacebuilders to continuing action for conflict transformation in our communities and countries, and in our region. We OFFER ourselves as resources to nurture one another as peace builders.

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