Ceasefire Strategic Planning Meeting

Members of the ACTION Support Centre attended Ceasefire’s strategic planning meeting on Friday 25th of July. Ceasefire is a long-standing partner of ASC, focusing on demilitarization, arms reduction and peace and non-violence education and advocacy. ACTION attended in support of Ceasefire and to be aware of future plans and programmes so as to see where the organizational goals may converge and projects that may have the potential for collaboration.

The meeting took the form of an in-depth analysis of the organization and it’s programmes in order to identify the strongest opportunities for future work, and to brainstorm strategies and plan the way ahead. The discussions were fruitful, and a number of key decisions were made that will be followed up with a meeting to operationalize the ideas, which will then form the basis of activity over the next 6-12 months. 

ACTION looks forward to continuing to partner with Ceasefire, and enjoy a productive, mutually-supportive relationship.