ACTION Support Team: Youth Prospects in Developmental Landscape of Africa

The ACTION Support Team held a workshop the 23rd August 2014 at Clamart House, Richmond in Johannesburg. Under the theme, “Youth Prospects in the Developmental Landscape of Africa”. 13 ACTION Support members attended the workshop. 

The workshop was an opportunity to connect and reflect on the development of the continent, while tackling various challenges encountered, in particular by young women. As we celebrate woman’s month, it was an opportunity for the women in the ACTION Support Team to contribute ideas on strategies to empower and integrate women in an environment dominated by men.

The Support Team then broke up in two small groups to make presentations on BRICS, the Post-2015 Agenda, education , and  (female) youth integration in the African Agenda 2063. 

The ACTION Support Team clearly stated that youth must design their own agenda based on their challenges, rather than having programmes imposed on them that are irresponsive and generally don’t reflect youth’s will. There is a need on the continent to revisit an appropriate continental strategy for youth employment and entrepreneurship, because as the African population grows bigger, there are high prospects of turmoil on the continent if youth demands are not addressed, and what happened in the case of Tunisia may spread over the world.  Also, the group advised that Africa must make sure that skills are transferred on the continent, as a means to empower Africans to develop and implement learned skills to build their continent. This alluded to the Chinese companies and others, which while transforming continent’s infrastructures should also provide locals with technologies and experience. 

The workshop was dynamic, enthusiastic, and participative and rich in learning. The ACTION Support Team thank its member for attending this workshop and invites others to join The ACTION Support Team.

Please contact Ulrich Bouelangoye, 011 482 7442/2453