Reconciliation as a Mechanism for Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding

UNDPReconciliationEvent-2From 2nd September to 4th September, the ACTION Support Centre in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme, hosted the “Reconciliation as a Mechanism for Conflict Prevent and Peacebuilding: Experts Consultation”. This consultation meeting brought together over 60 expert practitioners, academics, inter-governmental and United Nations officials from all over the world to share examples of good practices and lessons learned in context specific reconciliation processes and initiatives that have contributed to conflict prevention and peacebuilding. 

Delegates discussed key components and levels of the reconciliation process and identified challenges, priorities and linkages. This provided the bases to rethink reconciliation approaches; explore the components of a fourth generation TRC approach; and finally explore the possibility of developing a universal pedagogy around context specific approaches to reconciliation. 

The meeting brought together many different ideas on the way forward and the ACTION Support Centre looks forward to being involved in this long-term process.