Brokering Pathways to Progress in Citizen’s Relations with Government

Making All Voices Count/CIVICUS


On November 23rd during the CIVICUS International Society Week, the Making All Voices Count Team hosted a session titled “Brokering Pathways to Progress in Citizen’s Relations with Government”.

The session looked at how the MAVC initiative, as well as its partners, can play a part in transforming the relationship citizens have with their governments, so as to change from passive recipients of government services to having a more proactive, lively and responsive relationship in which governance is everybody’s concern and priority.

The meeting opened up the platform to hearing perspectives from NGOs, the youth, the technology sector and government actors. Some of the funded partners of MAVC, namely Yowzit, Mtaani Initiative and Centre for Municipal Research and Advice (CMRA), shared some insights on the way they are working to transform the relationship between citizens and government by highlighting their own experiences, insights and lessons learned so far.

Participants broke into different groups to discuss and share some of their experiences on brokering relations between citizen’s and their government within their respective countries. The session was very interesting and informative and we as the ACTION Support Centre are very honoured to have been invited to attend the event.