Meeting With the Somali Embassy


As part of it’s ongoing efforts to strengthen the connections between all stakeholders involved in the Somali Solidarity Campaign and in support of work aimed at strengthening the emerging South African Somali Women’s Network, SASOWNET, the ASC held discussions with representatives of the Somali Embassy in Pretoria.

These discussions were focused on identifying opportunities for partnership and collaboration in 2015. The ongoing violence affecting Somali shopkeepers in particular was also discussed, with both parties agreeing to establish stronger mechanisms for communication and information sharing, identifying practical ways of supporting each other behind the shared intent to break down cultural barriers and strengthen social cohesion between Somali and South African community members.

The ASC will continue to build this relationship throughout 2015, alongside our efforts to strengthen ties between the Somali diaspora, youth and women living in Somalia, Somaliland, Kenya and South Africa and to amplify and support the articulation of the needs and aspirations of this key group of stakeholders.