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Press Statement

Att: All media Houses are welcome to interact with community, peace and solidarity activists and dignitaries.

19 March 2015

The recent attacks on non-South Africans in Snake Park, spreading across many Soweto Townships received various forms of condemnation from across South Africa, the region and the continent. In response to this systemic form of conflict, and in attempting to find long lasting solutions to challenges faced by South African communities, a series of events have been planned in Snake Park.

Following a highly successful door-to-door campaign in Snake Park that sought to engage communities on issues around xenophobia and criminal violence and identifying community driven solutions and recommendations, the ACTION Support Centre has partnered with Snake Park Residents, the City of Johannesburg-Social Development Unit (Migration Desk), Department of Community Safety-Take Charge Campaign Sectors, Department of Sports, Arts, Culture and Recreation-Social Cohesion, Singobani Arts and Community Development Initiative, the Somalis Community Board, COSATU, Vintage Heritage, student and women’s movements, local peace committees from Alexandra, Orange Farm and Soweto and peace, solidarity and community activists in organising a Cultural Event.

The Cultural Event will take place in Snake Park on the 22nd of March 2015, at Doornkop Community Hall, Thulani Extension 1.  There will be a morning session starting at 10am in the form of an open dialogue, in which the challenges identified during the door-to-door campaign will be discussed further, and learning and exchange of information will be encouraged with a view to developing practically implementable strategies that can inspire transformation in the Snake Park community. In the afternoon session, starting at 2pm, cultural diversity will be celebrated through solidarity messages, traditional dances, drama, music, poetry and food.  Stalls showcasing African cultural food, literature, attire and history will be established around the venue.

This event and many that will follow seek to ignite the exchange of information and knowledge that deepens understanding of issues around xenophia and criminal violence and contribute to building Pan-African communities of peace, diversity and people-driven and centred community development. More than 350 peace, solidarity and community activists will attend this event, including the MEC for Gauteng Department of Sports, Arts, Culture and Recreation, Former Security Advisor to the President Ambassador Welile Nhlapo, representatives from the City of Johannesburg, the Department of Community Safety, the Somali Embassy, the Pakistan High Commission and the Ethiopian Embassy.

Event details

Date:  22 March 2015, Sunday
Time: 10am-5pm
Venue: Doornkop Community Hall, Thulani Ext.1
All are invited
For more information please contact:
Pretty Mncube, 071 640 6266,
Philani Ndebele, 076 942 3565,

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