Sign the Petition: Free Movement of People in Africa


panafricanismWe share with you below a letter from Dr. Ozonnia Ojielo, (Director, Conflict Prevention and Recovery at United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)) calling for signatures for this initiative, as well as details of the petition itself.

Petition on the Expedition of the Free Movement of People in Africa


“Making Integration a Reality”

Colleagues and friends

Please kindly find attached [below] a petition by Act Africa Platform (AAP). AAP was established by a group of Pan Africanists who came together in Ethiopia from 17-19 April 2015 and decided to work towards fast tracking the integration of the peoples of Africa. Recent events from around our continent demonstrate the urgency of this initiative. AAP¹s first initiative is to campaign for the free movement of peoples in Africa. In this connection, it is embarking on a 20 million signature campaign of Africans from around the world to lobby our leaders to institute the policies, instruments, mechanisms and procedures as would lead to the quickest realization of this goal. Please kindly print the attached form and have as many people as you can mobilize sign the petition. Kindly scan the signed forms and send to me. I would also request that you kindly send the original copies of the signed forms to me by ordinary mail. We want to keep them for historical purposes.

The Platform is not funded by any donor and will not solicit for funds from donors. All the members volunteer their time and capacities. We encourage all Africans to volunteer their time and capacities in support of this initiative. Examples could include maintaining a website/s for the online petition, using social media for the benefit of the Platform, mobilizing others to join the initiative and other related activities. A full range of possible volunteer options will be released soon by the coordinating committee. Please feel free to forward this mail to your contacts and encourage them to support the petition. All those who sign the petition will be in the Platform’s database of contacts and will  be provided with regular updates on the progress of the campaign.

Best regards

Ozonnia Ojielo

On behalf of Professor Bayo Olukoshi

Platform Coordinator

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