ASC Strategic Planning Meeting

Reviewing our progress, and plotting the way ahead

The Action Support Centre held a strategic planning meeting, intended to review progress since the beginning of the year, identify and address challenges, and to plot the way forward for the rest of 2015. Some time was spent reflecting on the Conflict Transformation strategy central to the ASC approach, and it’s applicability to us, as individuals and in our team, as well as to the world in which we are trying to affect change. We also refreshed ourselves on ACTION’s three pillars (Bridging Gaps and Forming Partnerships, Skills and Strategies for Change and the Solidarity and Transformation Agenda) of operation.

The review meeting identified all the activities and projects that we are involved in, and the task groups within the team who are responsible for each item. Key items were selected for further discussion within tasks groups, out of which dates and deadlines were established and plotted on a calendar for the remainder of the year. The strategic review meeting was based on the premise that a continuous cycle of action and reflection move a strategic plan from a document that sits on the shelf to actions that drive organizational goals.