The youth discuss xenophobia and afrophobia

The ACTION Support Centre, Clique Concepts and National Youth Development Agency brought together more 200 young people for a dialogue on xenophobia and Afrophobia.

The dialogue offered space for open and robust discussion on issues around land, migration, renaissance, solidarity, peace and security, poverty and inequality, xenophobia and afrophobia. The discussions were directed by the following key questions; is this violence xenophobia or afrophobia? Is South Africa a xenophobic society? What are the roots causes of xenophobic behaviour in society? And what should be done collectively to address the challenge of violence and human rights violations in South Africa?

The discussions were supplemented by an exhibition and screening of a 20 minutes documentary “Tell them we are from here”, created from a movie “Man on the Ground” directed by Akin Omotoso.

The outcomes of the discussion include, a selection of 15 young people that will receive training on thought leaders and conflict transformation, and 10 young people to be trained on entrepreneurial skills. All these young people will form a Local Peace Committee in the Vaal area.