CORE Survey to measure sustainability of Civil Society Organisations

The attendance of ACTION and other Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) to the 2015 Civil Society Organization (CSO) workshop based in Johannesburg, was hosted by the Co-operative for Research and Education (CORE). The workshop focused on identifying scarce and critical skills in the education NGO sector for 2015.

To this end, the organization had been commissioned by the ETDP-SETA (Education, Training and Development Practices – Sector Education and Training Authority) to conduct a survey for 2015. The last survey conducted in 2013, reflected that out of 24 African countries (Angola, Botswana, Burundi, DRC etc.) South Africa scored an average of 3.6 for the sustainability of CSO’s. This means that in comparison to the other countries, the CSO sector in South Africa operates far better in areas such as; the legal environment, organizational capacity, financial viability, advocacy, and service provision.

The workshop brought together other NPOs such as Khulumani, Believers Care Society, St. Josephs Come and Support, and the Teddy Bear Clinic, to rate the CSO sector. This year South Africa has an average of 3.7. The report will be sent to the SMI (Strategic Marketing Innovations) Study in Washington to review and draft a final report to be shared, which will discuss CSOs scarce and critical skills. This report will be made public later in 2015.