Social Dialogue with the youth

The ACTION Support Centre supported a youth event in Snake Park, Johannesburg, which was hosted by Breaking of Dawn Youth Organization based in Thulani. The event showcased the local talent within the Snake Park community and other surrounding communities. The many talented acts in the event included the following categories; poetry, music, drama, gospel songs and, dance.

ACTION Support Centre representative Philani Ndebele presented during the main part of this event, which was on social dialogue and raising awareness on the many socio economic issues faced by the youth of today. The social dialogue was based on the following topics; lack of service delivery, utilization of skills improvement and the current economic challenges facing youths and their role in the communities. Some of the suggestions made during the dialogue were for the government to provide library facilities in the community and provide space for arts and culture activities, such as drama and music that should be treated equally as sport.

There were also calls for the leaders to communicate effectively with the community members and hear their concerns on infrastructure development. The event urged community members to desist from burning infrastructure during service delivery protests. In addition the youths called for career guidance programmes so that the youth can decide. The youth felt that there should be an invitation of experts and officials from different fields of 
study and different fields of careers to provide information to learners, as part 
of career guidance.