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The Wajir Story: 
A film about Conflict Transformation in Kenya (DVD)

This is the story of a peace-building initiative which started with a group of women in Wajir, north-eastern Kenya, spread quickly to all sections of the community, and reached up into government. It is told through the voices of those who took part in it, who mobilised their community to halt escalating violence and who are still struggling to achieve peace and stability – for this is not a finished event.

The film was commissioned by Responding to Conflict and the Coalition for Peace in Africa, in partnership with the Wajir Peace and Development Committee. It was filmed by Robert Maletta, produced by Trojan Horse Productions, with funding from Comic Relief.

Zimbabwe Solidarity Conference 2005 (DVD)

This DVD covers a Conference on Zimbabwe held on 24 and 25 February 2005, at the Burgers’ Park Hotel in Pretoria. The conference convened by the Zimbabwe Solidarity and Consultative Forum now Zimbabwe Solidarity Forum was attended by a broad range of South African groups and individuals already actively involved in the growing solidarity campaign, as well as other key South African players in the Zimbabwe conflict and some existing and potential solidarity partners from the SADC region.

South African civil society and labour movement maintain a dynamic contact around the Zimbabwean crisis. There is a need of an approach which goes beyond the current Government of National Unity to encompass the social, political and economic aspects that Zimbabwe still struggles with. Democratic reforms must be acknowledged and be seen as potential building blocks not just for future free and fair elections, but for an ongoing process of democratisation in Zimbabwe during and post the transition period.

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