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The ACTION Support Centre Key Events

Dear friends and Colleagues 

Its competition time!!! Time to WIN WIN WIN!!! 

As we all celebrate the late great Mr. Nelson Mandela, the ACTION Support Centre team would like to get you in on the celebrations.  In honour of his inspirational leadership, the ASC will be running a Facebook competition throughout the month of July. 

The lucky winner will walk away with an awesome ASC hamper, which includes an ASC bag, Working with Conflict book, a Proudly AfriCan t-shirt and beret, No Failure in Peace Work: The life and teaching of Dekha Ibrahim Abdi book and a 2 gig memory stick filled with a variety of information! 

All you have to do to enter is: 

  • Like the following Facebook pages: Drums of Change, ACTION Support Centre, Proudly AfriCan, Somali Solidarity Campaign and Zimbabwe Solidarity Forum. 
  • Write a short poem with 67 words to describe what Mr. Mandela means to you or your country or you can make a 67 seconds video on what Former President Nelson Mandela means to you! 

You can email your videos and poems to lerato@asc.org.za and they will be posted up on our Drums of Change Facebook page. Or alternatively you can post up your video or poems on the Drums of Change Facebook page. The video or poem with the most likes will walking away with the cool hamper. 

For more information, please visit the Drums of Change Facebook page or our website on www.asc.org.za. The competition will commence from the 14th July until the 31st July 2014.

Let us celebrate and acknowledge all that Madiba has done for us by unleashing our inner creative energy

All Africans across the continent and in the Diaspora are invited to organise collaborative events that take the momentum of the Caravan forward. These events can take the form of reflective and analytical sessions, information and experience sharing discussions, solidarity vigils, pickets, marches, blitzing, street theatre encounters, cultural evenings and celebrations. Therefore, the ASC encourages activists to do one or more of the following...

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Join the Upcoming Applied Conflict Transformation Course

The ACTION Support Centre is conducting a course on Applied Conflict Transformation from 18th of August, 22nd of August 2014 in Johannesburg. The August course will include significant focus on Dialogue Facilitation, Mediation and Negotiation Skills, set within a conflict transformation framework and the power of an African Solidarity Agenda. 

The course was designed by a team of conflict and development specialists and aims to enhance and support the work of practitioners and policy makers affected by conflict and escalating tension. The workshop approach to learning uses a fine balance of pedagogical methods that include analysis from specialist resource people, input on critical conflict issues facing the continent, conceptual frameworks, detailed case studies and creative participatory exercises. 

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Applied Conflict Transformation Course

ASC hosted the Applied Conflict Transformation (ACT) course form the 5th to 9th May 2014 in Johannesburg. The course seeks to engage practitioners, policy-makers, governments, institutions and members of its global networks in a weeklong learning exchange.  

During the course ASC welcomed 17 participants from different countries around the African continent, including: South Sudan, Lesotho, Malawi, Gabon, Zimbabwe, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Canada, Swaziland, Namibia, Somalia, Kenya and Lesotho.   10 participants were women and 7 were men, with youth activists, human rights advocates, governance professionals and senior academics sitting side by side, sharing their stories and learning together. 

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African Solidarity Caravan Public Dialogue

Why we protect the very borders that divide us, the Individual as the starting point for transformation, and other discussions

On May 22nd, the Africa Week events kicked off with a full day public dialogue, in which activists, leaders and individuals from across the continent discussed and reflected on African socio-economic and political issues. This also involved considering strategies to address Africas numerous challenges and finding practical ways of tapping into the potential for the re awakening of Africa. 

Several speakers offered insights on topics ranging from democracy to the role of African women in a transformative agenda. 

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African Solidarity Caravan Launch

The African Solidarity Caravan, a collaborative initiative catalyzed by the ACTION Support Centre, was launched on Friday 23 May, in Yeoville. The Caravan is a call to action for Africans across the continent and the world to join forces behind the vision of a united Africa, collectively building a vibrant future for the continent. It is a future in which rights and justice prevail, where our shared heritage is celebrated, and our shared humanity cuts across all boundaries, transcending the differences that threaten to divide us. 

The Caravan will seek to spearhead a movement across the continent to translate this vision into practical action, through a series of events hosted by local networks, such as festivals, dialogues, workshops and campaigns. It was in this spirit that the Caravan was launched, to the sound of music, laughter and dancing, and a march of solidarity for detained activists in Swaziland, victims of violence in the DRC and Central African Republic, and survivors of war, repression and structural violence across Africa and around the world. The 200 schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram was 

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African Solidarity Caravan: Africa Day Festival

Colour, Culture and Africas Bright Future

ACTION Support Centre (ASC) as part of its commitment to African people solidarity held its annual cultural festival to celebrate Africa Day. The event sought to bring together the diverse and vibrant African communities living in Johannesburg. The aim of the event was to celebrate and promote a culture of African unity and people-to-people solidarity between and among Africans living in South Africa and across the continent.  

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Special Initiatives