SIERRA LEONE: Launch of Conflict Transformation Project in three Chiefdoms in Pujehun District 03-09-2014

ACTION partner, the Network Movement for Justice and Development (NMJD), is launching a local Conflict Transformation Project in Sierra Leone, and have shared the following information about the project.  We encourage others in our network to also share updates on the Conflict Transformation work you are involved in.


Pujehun District in Southern Sierra Leone, West Africa, is one of the areas that suffered most in the hands of rebels, Kamajors and other destructive groups in the eleven-year war (1991-2002) in Sierra Leone.  Like all other districts in the country the war has left people in great fear of the reoccurrence of such a brutal and destructive war.  As the Government, Civil Society and NGOs are putting mechanisms in place to manage the peace gained there is need for locals to throw in their lot.

It is based on this judgment that Network Movement for Justice and Development (NMJD) launched the project “Pees Taay Go” (Peace Always) in April 2014. The Project is funded by Finn Church Aid (FCA) working in Sierra Leone and Liberia with Headquarters in Helsinki. The main aim is to enable Traditional and Religious Leaders form a network of Traditional and Religious peacemakers to play a critical role in conflict prevention, mediation and resolution as well as development in their communities.

Specific Objective:

The project’s specific objective is to establish a culture of Non-Violence and sustainable living in three chiefdoms (YaKemo Kpukumu Krim – Y.K.K, Kpaka and Gallinas-Peri) in Pujehun District.


(1)  An integrated structure of Religious and Traditional Actors established for transforming conflicts creatively.

(2)  Communities handling conflicts and challenges peacefully


(1.1)  120 Religious and Traditional Leaders trained in Conflict Prevention, Mediation and Resolution Skills and engaged in Peace Building activities in 3 chiefdoms

(1.2)  A functioning peace Promotion Network of Religious and Traditional Leaders in 3 chiefdoms

(1.3)  A standardized system and processes of Conflict Prevention, Mediation and resolution agreed and used by the Peace Promotion Network in 3 Chiefdoms.

(2.1)  120 influential community actors trained in Conflict Transformation Skills and   engaged in Peace Building and Livelihood activities in 3 chiefdoms.

(2.2)  Functioning community Peace and Development committees in various sections and towns of the chiefdom spear heading sustainable livelihood activities.

(2.3)  Communities in 3 target chiefdoms are organized and advocating for improved governance and service delivery from the local authorities.


The Project Activities will include :

  • Phased trainings in Peace and Human Rights principles and skills.
  • Conflict prevention, mediation and resolution activities in communities.
  • Inter chiefdom exchange visits and advocacy for improved governance and service delivery.
  • Clustered community Peace and Human Rights dialogue sessions.
  • Trained traditional and religious leaders undertaking Conflict Prevention, Mediation and Resolution activities.
  • Formation and functioning of Traditional and Religious Leaders Peacemakers Network.
  • Sustainable livelihoods activities.

Personnel of the project

  • Programme Director – Paul L. Koroma
  • Programme Manager – Jestina E. Olivant
  • Project Officer – Edward Kamanda
  • Community Peace Animator – Santigie Kana