The ACTION Support Centre (ASC) Welcome You

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Building capacity, Equiping communities and individuals with skills to deal with Conflict and to transform
societies through facilitated learning process

Skills and Strategies for Change (SSC)
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Bridging Gaps-Forging Partnerships, creating and exploring opportunities through which grassroots civil society
can engage with policy makers at national, regional and international level with regards to issues relating to
peace, development and human security

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A people to people solidarity initiative, focusing on advocacy and lobbying, sustainable peace
and justice, good governance, democracy and human rights in Southern Africa, Africa and Globally
Solidarity and Transformation Agenda (STA)
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Amplifying people's voices, a discussion, reflection, exchange and sharing platform for peace,
solidarity and development practitioners
Drums of Change
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Skills and Strategies for engaging with Conflict: Lessons from Africa and Around the World:
March and October every year. Enroll Now!
Applied Conflict Transformation Course (ACT)
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An AfriCan Vision of the 21st Century; Uniting Africa, Promoting African cultures and heritage, celebrating Africa's
diversity, building proud and responsible communities, building communities of lasting peace. Be part of the

Proudly AfriCan Campaign


The ACTION Support Centre (ASC) works in Africa, with men and women, with communities and their organisations, and with the people and institutions they are linked to and separated from, including colleagues, comrades and companeros from across the globe.

It is only by linking individuals together, and finding the organisations that can support and strengthen us that we can realise the collective potential and the power we know we have. We have learned that people in situations of violent conflict need each other, and that in situations emerging from violence that continue to be wracked by tensions and conflict the links between people become even more important. The more robust and durable the relationships are the more resilient and effective the forces for change become. Read More