Deepening a culture of Pan-African people-to-people solidarity

Capacity Building Workshop, Durban, Johannesburg

40 peace and solidarity activists drawn from a wide range of organisations and movements around Durban gathered for a two-day capacity-building training workshop. The training combined analysis, discussion, information sharing, presentations and practical engagement with tools of conflict analysis.

The training began with an in-depth contextual analysis that included identifying local and global drivers of conflict with emphasis on the South African context. This was followed by an introduction to Conflict Transformation analysis, conflict systems analysis and application of tools of analysis, using practically implementable community case studies. The balance of force field analysis, attitude, behaviour and context table, and the stakeholders mapping were used to guide this session.

On day two, participants engaged on topical issues centred around the African renaissance, thought leadership, peace and security in Africa, people-to-people solidarity, Local Peace Committees and Infrastructures for Peace. In line with this discussion, reflections were made, challenges unpacked and opportunities for transformation identified.

The ASC Gauteng Local Peace Committees were used as examples through which the peace and solidarity activists in Durban can use when building similar structures.

The day concluded by developing a vision for our communities and identifying key areas for collaborative initiatives.